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Mini Etiquette

It’s vital children learn proper manners so that they have success socially and in the professional world. A children’s program can be customized to meet the needs of schools, clubs and parent groups for groups of ten or more.


Business Etiquette

The ability to handle yourself properly today can sometimes outweigh even your technical skills. If you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it with grace and style, you’ll have a competitive edge in your career. All business experts agree that good manners promote good business. This is how important business etiquette is.


Online Etiquette

Your online presence is as important as the way you present yourself in person, is, in today's world. It is essential to know what and how to present online, including answering emails, posting images and commenting online.


Event Management 

Today, event management showcases your expertise and skills from the planning stage right up to the end of the event. A basic understanding of protocol is also essential. Protocol is the science by which rules are followed and which, through years of history, tradition and conventions, allows for situations without chaos. Whether you are organising a wedding, a ball, a conference or a product launch, our specific event management training programme will take you through all the steps necessary to successfully organise an event that will leave your mark.


Public Speaking Etiquette

Whether speaking in front of a group or presenting to just one person, the ability to speak well and with confidence is paramount to success in the business world, the political arena and as a leader. Knowing how to develop and deliver speeches for maximum impact will aid you in any professional situation, public occasion, or social gathering. Public speaking training can be individualized or in a group, political or corporate setting.


Diplomatic Etiquette

Protocol involves etiquette on a local and international scale, and the practice of good manners on a daily basis. It evolved as a result of old traditions, when in the early days of civilization hospitality was extended to an arriving guest. Today it is particularly important because it not only covers the ceremonial rules that are followed during official functions and how to behave on these special occasions, but it also provides a set of established rules of courteousness that are to be respected in society. This course introduces participants to the ceremonial aspect of protocol procedures, behavior of etiquette, rules of courteousness in society, and respect for precedence. It also helps business executives master the basics of etiquette and get a better understanding of multicultural manners.

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