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We bring the 15 hour course spread over 5 months online with LIVE one-to-one sessions.


We visit your premises for live sessions spread over 5 months, for this 15 hour course!



Month 1: Foundations of Etiquette

Module 1: Introduction to Etiquette
Understanding the importance of etiquette in personal and professional settings.

Module 2: Dining Etiquette
Table manners, formal dining settings, and proper utensil usage.

Module 3: Communication Etiquette
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills, body language, and effective conversation techniques.


Month 2: Professional Etiquette

Module 4: Business Etiquette
Professional conduct in the workplace, including email etiquette, networking, and dress codes.

Module 5: Meeting and Greeting
Mastering introductions, handshakes, and professional greetings in various contexts.

Module 6: Corporate Social Skills
Navigating office parties, social gatherings, and maintaining professionalism in social settings.


Month 3: Social Graces and Presence

Module 7: Poise and Presence
Posture, grace, and presenting oneself confidently in any situation.

Module 8: Social Event Etiquette
Understanding and navigating various social events, from formal gatherings to casual meetups.

Module 9: Cultural Sensitivity
Embracing diversity and understanding cultural differences in social interactions.


Month 4: Personal Image and Styling

Module 10: Personal Grooming
Skincare, grooming routines, and personal presentation.

Module 11: Wardrobe Essentials
Building a versatile and appropriate wardrobe for different occasions and settings.

Module 12: Style and Fashion Etiquette
Dress codes, fashion trends, and expressing personal style while maintaining appropriateness.


Month 5: Final Polishing and Practical Application

Module 13: Etiquette in Special Situations
Handling specific scenarios like interviews, travel, and online etiquette.

Module 14: Role-play and Practical Application
Applying learned etiquette in real-life scenarios through role-playing and simulations.

Module 15: Graduation and Continuing Practices
Final assessments, graduation ceremony, and guidance on continuing etiquette practices beyond the program.

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